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WEC is an homage to creators and innovators who've taken action on what they believe in.


While studying at University, I traveled to Thailand and cared for orphaned elephants at a conservation center near Lampang. I learned about elephant conservation from the incredible Mahouts who care for them everyday. In Thailand, elephants are well respected as a symbol of peace. The White Elephant is considered sacred and an auspicious sign of good fortune. White Elephant Collective takes my Lampang experience and brings it home, spreading the message of elephant welfare through art and fashion.

This season’s collection is based on my personal awareness of elephant culture and wellbeing. In 2020, I traveled to India, where I visited an elephant center. The elephants were treated horribly. White Elephant Collective was sparked to build awareness of the cruelty of elephant tourism. After much time, thought, and research, I'm excited to bring my collection to you. Together we can positively effect elephant welfare.

White Elephant Collective